The Next Valheim Update Will Have Updated Trolls, New Items, And More

Published: April 23, 2021 11:02 AM /


A Viking warrior against a snowy backdrop in Valheim

Valheim developer Iron Gate has shared some information regarding the next Valheim update in development for the game. The studio has also teased some features coming in the new Hearth and Home update, which will bring new items, new mechanics, and more.

What's revealed about the next Valheim update?

This news comes via the official Valheim Steam community. In a post on the game's page, Iron Gate gives some insight into what's coming to Valheim in the next few weeks and months. The studio says it's working on both big and small things pointing to the recently-released patch that added a new terrain modifying system and a bugfix to stop draugr spawning inside rocks. Iron Gate implores you to submit Valheim bugs to this link if you run into any. There are also visual updates on the way for certain bosses, as well as the troll model, which is getting a little more definition in many senses of the word. Here's a look at the new troll.

The new updated troll model in Valheim
The new troll model in Valheim is looking appropriately threatening.

The new troll update, along with visual updates for Valheim's second and third bosses, will be available to check out in the next patch. Perhaps even more excitingly, however, Iron Gate also shared some details regarding the upcoming Hearth and Home update. The developer has released two outrageously small "sneak peek" images depicting features on their way to the update, with the second picture in particular representing a significant part of the new content. Take a look at the images and see if you can work out what they're depicting. Here's the first:

The first Valheim Hearth and Home teaser

And here's the second:

The second Valheim Hearth and Home teaser

We did warn you they were small. Iron Gate says it's not going to rush the release date for Hearth and Home, instead choosing to "let it take the time it needs" to get to a state with which the studio is happy. Hopefully, we'll learn a little more about what's coming to Valheim soon, both in the Hearth and Home update and in the upcoming patch. Until then, you can check out Valheim right now via Steam Early Access

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