Vacation Simulator: Back To Job DLC Release Announced

Published: June 16, 2020 12:55 PM /


Vacation Simulator: Back To Job

Update: Originally this story mistakenly said "the trailer began with the familiar voice of claptrap from the Borderlands series". The voice at the start of the trailer is not of Claptrap but is of Colin McInerney, who works at Owlchemy. The story has since been updated to reflect this.

During the Upload VR showcase today, Owlchemy Labs showed a trailer and revealed a release window for the Vacation Simulator DLC they're working on.

Called Back To Job, the trailer began with the voice of Colin McInerney, an Owlchemy employee, doing a voice very similar to Claptrap's from the Borderlands series, speaking as a robot that looked like a CRT PC monitor.

In fact, there were a lot of these robots, and they were all hanging around a pool. As for you, you are a "gig associate." This means that you're running the poolside cantina and get to help all the robots enjoy their time. To do this, you need to prepare food for them, provide towels and other pool-side necessities, and entertain them. All the while, you must ensure you provide 5-star service.

The basegame, Vacation Simulator, is a followup to Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs' other VR game. Job Simulator passed over 1 million units sold this past January, after having launched back in 2016.

Vacation Simulator is set in 2060 and tells the story of robots attempting to simulate human behavior. They've explored "jobbing", and now they've turned to vacationing (or, as the robots put it, "not jobbing").

Vacation Simulator takes place on Vacation Island. Here you can interact with robots on break as you take a splash, sun-bathe, go hiking, or sculpt ice. The Back To Job DLC will, as noted, put you back to work, though.

The poolside, PC-talking VR DLC will be releasing fall 2020 for SteamVR and PlayStationVR.

For a peak at what it's like to help PC monitors enjoy their vacation, check out the trailer below:

Played Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator and ready for another go-around? Eager to help PC-monitor looking robots enjoy their time at the pool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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