Urban Strife is a Tactical RPG Set in a Zombie Apocalypse

Published: October 23, 2020 11:01 AM /


Urban Strife

MicroProse Software is back had partnered with developer White Pond Games for Urban Strife is an old school turn-based zombie apocalypse strategy title that is set in 2006. The title is inspired by Jagged Alliance 2, where it's a TBS tactical RPG with a storyline of its own. The game will use Unreal Engine, real bullet ballistics, a day/night cycle, fire with "dynamic material consumption and spread", and "advanced sound propagation mechanics." It sounds pretty impressive at least.

The game's story starts in 2006, where a half-dead amnesic survivor is rescued by people from the Urban city shelter, which is located somewhere in the backwater south of the US of A. In true RPG fashion, the player will be tasked to become a leader and bring hope back to those who have long lost it. Once done, the player will then try to negotiate alliances with factions or even go to war with them. This is somewhat of a race against time, because the zombie horde that almost destroyed civilization two years prior is coming back, and you will have to prepare for them. 

The game will use the Action Points system with consecutive turns and interrupts based on skills. However, due to the number of foes on the screen, all of the zombies will move at once as part of a horde while still allowing the AI to make individual decisions for each zombie, which is a pretty interesting approach.

Oh, and apparently there's going to be 'advanced' modding support, which I can always get behind, especially for an RPG. If you're interested in checking out Urban Strife (which is due to be released in Q3 2021), check out its Steam page here.

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