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Pre-orders have determined the fate of games before, but this case might be a bit unique. According to a Siliconera post, Marvelous' Uppers, produced by Senran Kagura's own Kenchiro Takaki has been delayed in Japan indefinitely, now posting a TBA as a release date. Takaki said the reason is that the amount of pre-orders were lower than expected. The PS Vita bound machismo brawler was originally set to release in Japan on April 21st of this year, making it right around the corner originally.

Takaki mentioned in a blog post that the actual amount of pre-orders isn't really a major issue, but his goal is to get as many people as possible to experience the game and ultimately have fun with it, considering the title to have possibilities, admitting that the delay is a selfish move. A lofty ambition, indeed, if the pre-orders are low enough to merit changing a solid release date into a nebulous one, if even for a desire to just see more players just experience the game as opposed to just buying it.

In Uppers, the player takes control of manly characters on a remote island called Last Restort Island where fighting is the primary form of entertainment, beating up equally manly enemies in an over the top fashion while being cheered on by groups of adoring female fans. By securing enough praise from the onlooking girls, you can become stronger, or even engage in a variety of perverted antics (sometimes occurring from ninja related accidents). The game's mechanics are relatively simple, your attacks changing depending on a number of factors, including your distance from your enemies, while also lacking a complex combo system seen on similar games. Still, considering you can punch your enemies into passing airborne helicopters, there might be satisfaction to be had still for those that prefer more complex fighting systems.

If you're home from work (let's not forget the pedigree of the producer here) and interested in looking at some gameplay trailers, here's one for one set of fighters, Ranma Kamashiro and Michiru Sakurai, here's another for Seiya and Junya Koyanagi, here's another (Warning: NSFW) for Hiroshi Kanemaru and Kujo Mukuro, and here's a ten minute video with a demo of gameplay along with the game's opening theme.


If you're thinking that you've seen the art style before, you wouldn't be wrong - character designs were done by Hiroaki Hashimoto, whose work includes the King of Fighters series. Needless to say, there is a lot going into this game, so a delay due to lackluster pre-order numbers makes some business sense too, if not fairly risky. Takaki has made an apology to those that have pre-ordered already while seeking feedback of all forms, critical or not, from the game's recently released demo. He hints that he will try to make the wait worthwhile, but no other details have been released.

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