UploadVR E3 2019 – Lone Echo II is Ready At Dawn's Next VR Adventure

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During the UploadVR E3 2019 conference this Monday, we saw more of Ready At Dawn's upcoming Lone Echo II, an Oculus Rift exclusive game, and a sequel to the original 2017 Lone Echo, also an Oculus Rift exclusive. Lone Echo II was first announced at Oculus Connect 5 last September. It will be a mature and realistic narrative-driven VR experience, where you can see the close relationship explored in the original between Captain Olivia (“Liv”) Rhodes and Jack, an artificial intelligence. You’ll be able to reprise your role as Jack in this story, reinforcing the idea that you and Liv are like family, fighting together.

Ready At Dawn also announced that they will bring the multiplayer Echo Arena to Oculus Quest, the new standalone Oculus device.  The studio was the original developer of PlayStation Portable games in the God of War and Daxter franchises before they took the jump to VR with their Echo series for Oculus devices. The Echo games explore a variety of interactions in zero gravity with Lone Echo focused on intimate storytelling. Echo Arena resembles the sport played by the kids in Ender’s Game, with active gameplay that makes for highly competitive matches and it has been embraced by Oculus as a VR esport.  Echo Combat is a first-person shooter spin-off of Echo Arena that features gunplay in zero gravity.

Lone Echo II is slated for a Q1 2020 release. You can find out more about the game on the official website. You'll be able to play Lone Echo II at E3 2019 if you're interested. Additionally, Echo Arena will be making its way to Oculus Quest.


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