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Published: September 1, 2015 7:13 PM /


Sara Activates Powers

Incontinence and bladder control can be a squeamish subject for many people and isn't usually the topic of conversations, much less video games. Of course the idea of bladder control can come up in games such as The Ship for example, but never before has a mechanic been so crucial to the fate of an in-game character since the Sniper's Jarate in a close quarters Team Fortress 2 fight. However, the guys over at Ganbare Games aim to change that, by releasing Magical Girl Leaky Sara on itch.io for $3.99, and Google Play for $1.99. The different prices in question is due to the desktop version having higher resolution art as well as higher quality music files, as well as a copy that works across Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is the first commercial game made by Ganbare Games, and Magical Girl Leaky Sara has a protagonist who uses here magical urinary powers to battle in a match-4 setting of 70 puzzle levels within a Story Mode and anime-like setting. The game also features an Endless Mode as well as a Timed Mode to hone your matching skills after all is said and done.


As shown in the trailer, you should expect some crude humor (which landed it a Teen rating on the Google Play store), and the added touch of the drop effects in visuals as well as in audio show a game that's not afraid to be unique in the match 4 setting. The game was released today by the developers stationed in New Jersey, and the story mode seems to have a 3 star system which is common in mobile games. There's no word if the game is planning on coming to iOS at this time.

Quick Take

Going to be perfectly honest, when I saw this on the news reel I didn't know whether to laugh or wonder if I had wandered into the twilight zone. The game isn't my cup of tea as I've got enough match-3 games that I'm playing in HuniePop and Puzzles and Dragons, but I just couldn't resist writing about this. The internet is a weird place, and I expect a full blown anime series to develop from this.

Update: More information regarding the pricing difference between the mobile and itch.io was added.

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