[Updated]Indie Gamer Chick Collection of XBLIG Announced

Published: January 19, 2019 11:20 AM /


seal team 12


Cathy, the eponymous Indie Gamer Chick has now posted that Ratalaika Games will be publishing the Indie Gamer Chick Collection which appears to be the name chosen for it. The plan is for a physical release, and they are attempting to beat the buzzer to get a physical PlayStation Vita cartridge as well, although that might not be possible. Additionally, while there is no finalized line up, enough developers have confirmed they want to participate that she felt comfortable confirming it will be happening.


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The Xbox 360 was a glorious time for not only Xbox players but also for aspiring indie developers. While a lot of people may not have seen a lot of the work that indie developers put out for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform reviewers like Indie Gamer Chick got her beginning highlighting some of the great games that could be found. Now years after the shut down of the XBLIG Indie Gamer Chick has aspirations to put together a collection of these titles for current gen consoles to show the world some of these developers best work.

Yesterday via her Twitter, Indie Gamer Chick posed the idea of putting together a collection of 12-15 XBLIG titles as a way to give gamers access to them now that their original platform has been sunsetted. Indie Gamer Chick's idea is to put together this list herself and release a port for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


On her twitter feed, she continued to explain her reasoning behind her now named Indie Gamer Chick Collection is because of the way those same Indie Games fueled the beginning of her own career. The focus is on games that were on XBLIG but not on modern platforms, a release will be planned for 2019/2020, and that while a cut of the profits will be divided between each of the creators. Indie Game Chick also clarified that any money that she would make from this endeavor would be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation.

While there is a lot of good planning and ideas in the tweet there are some contradictory statements such as originally wishing the bundle to be $9.99 for 3-4 but then later talking about a $19.99 price point for 12-15. Needless to say this endeavor is in the infancy of development. Indie Gamer Chick has also made sure to clarify to a lot of people who might not be aware but there is a big difference between XBLA games like Scott Pilgrim vs the World and XBLIG titles that are self-published.


One final clarification about the selection process that while there may be a few exceptions the games that end up on the collection will be ones that Indie Gamer Chick has given her seal of approval to. It might take a bit of digging but if you look back through the XBLIG category on her site you might get an idea of the games you could expect like Seal Team 12 or Nessie.

What do you think of some XBLIG games being revived for current gen? Would you support this endeavor? Is there any XBLIG game that you'd love to play again?