UPDATED: Stories: The Path of Destinies announced by Spearhead Games

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UPDATED: Stories: The Path of Destinies announced by Spearhead Games

August 16, 2015

By: Andrew Stretch


Update: On 9/21 it was announced that the final name of the game would change from Stories: The Hidden Paths to Stories The Path of Destinies, the article and feature image have been changed to reflect that.

A new game has been announced via the PlayStation Blog called Stories: The Path of Destinies from the developers Spearhead Games, a Canada based indie company, for the PlayStation 4. Spearhead Games currently has a cooperative action puzzler on PlayStation 4 and Steam called Tiny Brains. This new game is set to be an action-RPG with a story that you will get to alter as you make choices along the way.


In Stories you play as Reynardo, the last line of defense against an imperial armada who is seeking to take over the entire realm. As you fight the good fight you will travel through an expanse of different environments from floating islands to majestic airships all filled with flamboyant magic. In playing the game you will have your actions narrated, but don't think this means you have to follow what the voice says as every choice you make will affect the story in real time and make the narrator adapt to you. Spearhead is making a game to be thought of as an enchanted book that can tell a different tale each time you play the game.


Stories: The Path of Destinies is going to be coming soon to the PlayStation 4 but if you want more info then you can check out the games Official Website, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch.

Quick Take

I always enjoy seeing the titles that boast divergent storylines, and it is even more impressive when a game has a narrator that will follow along with you, a great example of this is The Stanley Parable. What a concern of this type of game is will it promise a different experience and yet ultimately lead to the same conclusion? Or will it be so different that no one will get which ending is what and the community is left confused? Regardless I'm looking forward to hearing more about this game.

What do you think of Stories: The Hidden Path? Are you excited to see how this story telling will play out over the course of the title?

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