[Updated] Spellbreak Switching to Epic Games Store Exclusively

Published: February 9, 2019 11:37 PM /


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Update: The developer contacted us to clarify that Spellbreak primarily used Steam for pre-alpha testing from July to October of 2018 and since then has moved to mostly using their own standalone launcher. Additionally, the game never had a public page on Steam nor did the developers ever promise that the final release would be on Steam. Finally, the developer informed us that under 5% of their current users make use of the Steam version, and that they stopped sending out Steam keys in October as part of the transition to their own launcher at the time.

Spellbreak is a battle-royale game in development based on spell combinations and magic. Currently, in pre-alpha, the game’s developer, Proletariat, has a testing program for anyone to sign up for, and will be the next game to become an Epic Games Store exclusive.

The game has been using Steam as its testing and pre-alpha platform, but a recent email to testers and announcement on Discord indicates that Spellbreak will be moving to the Epic Games Store’s launcher exclusively. The founders' pack apparently can not currently be purchased. This has angered some testers, founders and fans. Some have taken to reddit to let loose their hot air. Fueling the outrage is that Spellbreak has been using Steam as its platform thus far, and several redditors do not like or trust the Epic Games Store. Many of these posts, however, have been deleted, as the announcement noted the news is under NDA. Irate (and confused on Discord) fans apparently do not care.

This comes not long after it was revealed Metro: Exodus will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, though it had started out on Steam as well. There was an uproar over this as well, with fans threatening to boycott and some further confusion based on developer responses. Epic exclusive games are becoming more common as the Fortnite developer is promising marketing support for games as well as income guarantees as it strives to be a rival to Steam.

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A screen capture from the email sent to testers.

Also revealed in the email is that the closed alpha's NDA will be lifted on February 12. This means that those testing the game will be able to share information about it, such as through screenshots, recordings, and livestreams. It is likely that all the testers who will be sharing such information will be those who have not left over the move to the Epic Games Store.

Spellbreak is a class-based battle royale game where players are mages. At the start of any game, players choose a primary class. Each has a unique passive ability. Then, throughout a match, players may choose a secondary class, earn skill points, and then use those skill points to purchase and level up three scrolls. Classes are based on the schools of magic: wind, fire, lightning, and so on, and their powers can be combined. The developers have also talked about adding other modes later in development. Check out some of the gameplay from a community highlight reel before. More are on their YouTube channel.


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