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Destiny the taken king

UPDATE: added more info on new sub-classes, Crucible, and ViDoc on The Taken King.

The newest expansion for Destiny, The Taken King, has been officially revealed, adding new story missions, a new raid, and a new sub-class for each class. The Destiny gameplay trailer showed off each of the new supers in combat, and they each look like a lot of fun to use. No details yet on the other abilities of each new sub-class, like grenades and melee attacks, but keep an eye on Bungie.net in the coming months for more information on the new Destiny expansion The Taken King. An Activision press releases revealed:

At launch PlayStation gamers will also get access to a host of additional content for The Taken King, including a Strike, a Crucible map, three sets of gear and an Exotic weapon, exclusive until Fall 2016.


The new sub-classes and supers are: Nightstalker with the super Shadowshot for Hunters which is a void element, Stormcaller with Stromtrance for Warlocks which is an arc element, and Sunbreaker with The Hammer of Sol for Titans which is a solar element. The new sub-classes are a very welcome thing to players in Destiny who have played all of the content currently available to death. The Taken King will also be getting 2 new Crucible modes, Mayhem and Rift, and 4 new maps. Hopefully because this expansion is supposed to be a large one, Destiny will get a lot of new content for players to explore and enjoy. Destiny The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Are you excited for The Taken King expansion? What other content do you think they will add with the expansion?

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