[Updated] Rumor: Nintendo NX Controller Leaked?

Published: March 18, 2016 8:20 AM /


nintendo NX controller leak

Update: Following a post on reddit, it would seem that the rumors regarding the supposed leaked image of Nintendo's NX controller are completely false.

With the usage of a 3D modelling software, Photoshop, and Paint, Reddit user Idriss2Dev provided a compilation video (below) into the processes they went about in creating the following hoax.

We would like to apologize to our readers for any confusion that this article might've provided.  


Original Story

Today a leaked image has hinted our first look into what could possibly be the new controller design for Nintendo's upcoming NX console.

Nintendo NX Controller Leak

Sourced from Dual Pixels, the leak reveals what seems to be a prototype based off Nintendo's initial patent designs from late last year. As you can see from the image (above and below), the device seems to make use out of similar analogue sticks as found on a typical gaming controller, as well as the two shoulder buttons both sides.

The most bizarre thing to be said about this device seems to be the touch screen user interface. Unlike the Wii U gamepads interface, this new touch screen design appears to stretch over to where the buttons are located, indicated some sort of collision between what is shown on screen and where the players hand is located.

Nintendo NX Patent Design

Following the leak, Destructoid editor Laura Kate Dale went ahead to prove the legitimacy of the image by scanning it through a program to see if it has been Photoshopped. Aside from the obvious black box on the left, the scan (below) revealed no obvious signs of Photoshop work.


More speculation as well from Gamerant suggests that the Nintendo NX may not even use discs anymore, with a patent filed by Nintendo listing a console without an optical disc drive. Though with that said, card slots were still listed as part of the NX design, hinting that the final design may either utilize SD cards, or make use out of physical card slots similar to the 3DS.

Other rumors for the device seem to suggest that the Nintendo NX might even be sold as two separate consoles. In a report filed by Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan, rumors have speculated that the device may have a portable version released in November later this year, with the console device arriving later in 2017. 

Quick Take

It's a bizarre state of affairs, and with Nintendo not saying a word about it, all we can do is speculate as to what the hell we're even looking. If Nintendo is seriously proposing to release the NX as two separate machines, I can't say for certain that either one will is going to sell well upon release. That said, if the systems are able operate well, and provide for me a strong launch lineup of titles like Animal Crossing and Pokemon, this could possibly prove to be a successful system.

What are your thoughts on this new controller? Do you feel the NX is more gimmicky then revolutionary? Do you think this is actually the new controller, or an elaborate hoax? Let us know in the comments below!

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