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Published: November 25, 2015 1:17 PM /


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If you've been trampling to get into the open beta for Ubisoft's upcoming tactical team shooter Rainbow Six Siege today, you may have to wait a little longer. After announcing on Reddit yesterday that players who are participating in the closed beta for the game may experience longer matchmaking times, it now seems that the open beta for Rainbow Six Siege will be delayed. In a post on the official forums, which got posted after the open beta should have gone live at 10 am EST, a community manager stated:

We’re currently seeing issues with matchmaking times and disconnection on all platforms. As such we’re postponing the Open Beta until a later time and keeping the game under Closed Beta status. We apologize for the delay and can assure you this is our top priority. We will keep everyone updated regularly as we continue to deploy improvements.
It is as of this moment unclear whether these issues will be fixed before the day is out, or if the beta gets delayed to a later date. The timing in itself is a bit worrying because the highly anticipated game is scheduled for a worldwide release next week. Whether the release gets pushed back because of these problems remains to be seen at this point. This affects all platforms, except if you're part of the closed beta. The closed beta will still be available.

When the open beta actually goes live, players can look forward to testing out a generous portion of what the game has to offer. Players will be able to play 3 game modes spread around on 3 maps (these include day and night versions of the maps).

Players will take on other players in 5 versus 5 matches and one 1-5 versus AI. The two PvP modes are Bomb, where you have to defuse a bomb hidden somewhere with the other team trying to keep you from finding it. The second PvP mode is Secure Area, where you have to try and capture and hold specific positions on the map for 10 seconds while the other team tries to stop you from reaching the time limit. The last mode is Disarm Bombs, where teams have to find multiple explosives on the map, having only a small amount of time to do so.

Ubisoft has made a beta game guide available so you can read up on what you need to know. Check that out here.

Update: an update on the forums states that the open beta is expected to start within the next few hours. The fix will initially be pushed to the Xbox One first, with the PS4 and PC getting the fix soon after that. Ubisoft expects the retail version of the game to ship without this problem because they are already working on pushing a fix to the servers. More info here.

Update 2: As of last night, Ubisoft has done maintenance on the 3 platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One) and are apparently monitoring how the fixes impact the closed beta participants. They have promised another update on the situation at 10AM Eastern today on the situation, presumably to either open up the open beta or to state they need to do more fixes. We will keep you up to date on the situation as more information arises.

Update 3: After waiting for over 90 minutes for an update that was promised for 10 AM Eastern, Ubisoft finally posted on the Open Beta for Rainbow Siege Six. After updating and fixing some things earlier in the day, the Open Beta will open at 12pm Eastern according to the thread on the topic.

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