[Updated] PS4 Players Experiencing Major Crash Issues on Anthem

Published: March 1, 2019 6:35 PM /


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Update 2: According to TwitterAnthem servers are back up and running.

Update 1: At the time of this writing, BioWare has shut down servers for emergency maintenance. EA Help on Twitter says there are connectivity issues at the moment are being fixed. Whether this will also fix the crashing or is any way related remains to be seen.

Original Story: It's been a week since Anthem's official launch and BioWare has released numerous hotfixes since. Still, one issue seems to be prevalent among PS4 players and some on Xbox One: major crashes.

Professor_Snarf on Reddit stirred up a comment storm by drawing attention to the issue. According to him and many others, while playing Anthem on the PS4 specifically, players experiencing crashing. Except, once the game crashes, the console also shuts off completely.

Others have chimed in on the problem as well. NerdGasm747 on the same thread says "It crashes at least 2x a day for me. I've just grown to accept the fact that the game is broken." Meanwhile, other users are saying that it can crash four to five times a day.

Several others report that they experience crashing on the Xbox One, but they did not say if the console shut off. Speaking from experience, I have had two crashes while playing the 10-hour Anthem trial, but these simply booted me to the Xbox One's main menu rather than completely shutting

Brad Shoemaker from Giant Bomb also made note of this issue on a recent podcast.

...game hard crashes to the system interface, PS4 immediately powers off. And that happened again last night, I looked on Reddit, like apparently it's a pretty common problem on PS4. The game crashes and then shuts your PS4 down.

Right now BioWare has responded to this issue and say they are looking into the crashes. This thread did briefly mention the PS4 shutting off, and now it has likely caught BioWare's attention. For now, however, many players are having problems with crashes not just on PS4 but on Xbox One as well.



Quick Take

The Anthem trial was somewhat of a mess for me. I was met with a crash during the intro of the game, and eventually another one later on. While my Xbox One didn't turn off, this sounds like an extremely frustrating and potentially fatal issue for the PS4. The best thing to do is keep drawing attention to it so that hopefully players find some sort of remedy. 

Are you experiencing crashes while playing Anthem? Let us know in the comments below!

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