[Updated] Overwatch: New Heroes And Special Editions Revealed

Published: November 6, 2015 7:30 PM /


Overwatch Soldier 76 & D.VA in action

Today at BlizzCon 2015 the last three heroes, along with gameplay, were revealed for Overwatch. On top of the new hero reveals, the special editions of Overwatch available for purchase were revealed, as well as the contents of each edition. 

The trailer shows off heroes that we've already seen as well as the new heroes and what they're capable of. First off we have D.VA, a girl who uses a giant mech suit in battle, but can also leave the suit to attack enemies. Next is Mei who wears Eskimo style clothing and wields an ice gun which she uses to freeze enemies and erect ice walls. Lastly, we have Genji, who happens to be Hanzo's brother, a cyborg ninja very reminiscent of Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4. 


In addition to revealing the new heroes, the editions and pricing of Overwatch were announced. First, there the normal base game which will cost that includes all 21 but no extras, which will retail for $40 (this version is PC only, the console versions will be $60). The next option is the Origins edition, which includes everything in the base game, as well as extra digital bonsues such as hero skins and special items for other Activision Blizzard games. This version will retail for $60. Lastly, there is the $130 Collector's Edition, which includes everything from the Origins edition as well as a Solider: 76 statue, a visual sourcebook, and the Overwatch soundtrack. Each edition will come with the Noire Widowmaker skin if you pre-order. The expected release date is June 21 in 2016, but the release date is not finalized.

Update: clarified the price points of the different versions of Overwatch available. 


Quick Take

People were speculating that Overwatch would be Free-To-Play, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Although it still could be if they treat the F2P version like games such as Smite with a rotation of free heroes, and make each one individually purchasable. It looks like there will be microtransactions in the form of skins, which I don't mind, But I hope it stays that way. I'm crazy excited for Overwatch and I'm glad the base game is at a $40 price point, which might motivate other similar games to not go the full $60 if Overwatch does well financially. 



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