[Updated] OpenIV Mod For Grand Theft Auto V Returns After Take-Two Kerfuffle

Published: June 25, 2017 10:13 PM /


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The OpenIV modding tool for Grand Theft Auto V is back in business and has released an update, signaling an end to a conflict brought on by Take-Two Interactive taking an anti-modding stance just over a week ago.

OpenIV is a modding tool for GTA V that is used in to facilitate editing and managing of the game's files. Rockstar Games has had a firm policy against online modding, but that stance had been expanded to all mods - single-player included - by Take-Two Interactive just under two weeks ago. OpenIV operates under a strict policy of making it impossible to affect Grand Theft Auto Online in any fashion, and the developers state that they make serious efforts to keep the program focused solely on single-player modding. Take-Two's anti-modding stance now seems to have been reversed according to a tweet put out by the GTAForums, although OpenIV's official website has not yet updated to reflect the changes.



The update was from Build 906 to Build 907. It was a tiny one with minor changes and bug fixes; it is only significant in that an update has happened after the team behind the program stated that they would cease working on it. Rockstar Games had opened up a line of communication with OpenIV's developers, and it seems that their discussion has born fruit.

Grand Theft Auto V's ratings on Steam had severely tanked as an act of protest by gamers, reaching the "Overwhelmingly Negative" level on its Steam page. At the time of writing, it remains at Overwhelmingly Negative despite the concessions made by Rockstar after Take-Two initially sent a Cease & Desist to OpenIV; it appears that it may take some time for the ratings to recover. The game is currently on sale for 50% off as part of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale.


Rockstar Games' website has been updated to clarify their policy regarding single-player modding. Their official policy states that they will now generally leave mods alone on the conditions that they are "single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties".

Update: In an article with Motherboard, OpenIV developer Yuriy "Good-NDS" Krivoruchko states that while they do everything possible to make it difficult to mod GTA Online it is still possible that the program could be used to affect the online experience despite OpenIV's countermeasures.

What do you think of how Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have handled this modding situation? Did you make use of OpenIV yourself? What's your favorite mod for Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments below!



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