[Updated] New Power Rangers Game Battle For The Grid Trailer Leaks

Published: January 17, 2019 9:34 AM /


new power rangers game battle for the grid

Update: It appears that the new Power Rangers game is indeed a genuine product! The website for Battle for the Grid is now live.

The game will be making its way to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on April 26, 2019 at a price point of $19.99 or your regional equivalent as a digital download. A PC release for the game will be coming later in the year (estimated to be Summer 2019). For the moment, you can pre-order via the official website. Additionally, a special Digital Collector's Edition of the game is available. Among the pre-order bonuses are the Green Ranger V2 skin and a Digital Art Book. The Collector's Edition also includes a Season One pass, Lord Drakkan Evo II, and a Pink Ranger Skin.

Our original story continues below:

A new Power Rangers game subtitled Battle for the Grid has had a trailer pop up online. We can't be 100 percent sure that this is a genuine game, but it's of such a high production quality that it's not very likely to be a fake. Still, do take what you see here with a grain of salt.

Battle for the Grid appears to be a new Power Rangers game where characters from the universe can battle it out. The trailer for this fighting game showcases three Rangers in its entirety and gives us some hints to its gameplay with careful observation. Take a look at the trailer for yourself!


Several interesting things stand out in this Battle for the Grid trailer. To start, it appears that a second character can back you up in the middle of a fight similar to games like Marvel vs. Capcom. While the fight is primarily between the classic Red and Green Rangers, Super Megaforce Yellow pops in to assist the Red Ranger. Unless the trailer is taking liberties for style, we may also be seeing cinematic ultimate moves like in many modern fighting games.

An interesting lead to the credibility of this new Power Rangers game trailer being genuine is the inclusion of Jason David Frank, the actor who played the original Green Ranger in the Western version of the franchise. I haven't been able to find a trailer for a different Power Rangers game that features this clip, so this may very well mean it's genuine. There's also the matter of the official website for the game battleforthegrid.com—while the website is not yet activated, the domain appears to be registered to a legitimate marketing agency with a history in gaming.

A new Power Rangers game could be pretty interesting to see. The series has been around for a couple of decades and is well-loved by kids (and a good few adults, too). Heck, Power Rangers is so beloved that it got a set of free Minecraft skins officially created some time ago. We're reaching out to parties who are purportedly involved in the production of this game and we'll update this piece if we get any new information on the veracity of Battle for the Grid. If this is indeed a genuine game, you can expect it to launch for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in April 2019.

What do you think of this potential new Power Rangers game? Do you think Battle for the Grid is a legit title or is it an extremely well-crafted fake? Let us know in the comments below!

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