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Pokemon Sun and Moon Tapu Koko

A day before Nintendo promised to reveal some new information about Pokémon Sun and Moon, screenshots of several new monsters were revealed. The rumors were first reported by the Pokémon website Serebii, the new crop of Pokémon were later confirmed to be real by Nintendo, who released their Japanese trailer a day early, showcasing the new monsters in action.


In total, seven new Pokémon would be revealed in for Sun and Moon, four of which happen to be electric types. The first of which was one hinted back at the Nintendo Treehouse Event at E3 this year, and is Tapu Koko, the guardian of Meremere Island, and in the possession of the character Hala. Tapu Koko is an electric/fairy type, with the ability of Elekmaker, which automatically turns the battlefield into Electric Terrain, which prevents sleep effects (including Rest) and powers up the damage of electric-type moves. Tapu Koko is shown using a new move as well, named Nature Fury, on a Slowbro.

The other Pokémon who are part electric type include Charjabug and its evolution, Vikavolt. The two are electric/bug types, and according to Serebii, the completion of the Grubbin evolutionary line. Other than the type changings for Grubbin and showing off some electric-type attack moves, including Spark and Zap Cannon, not much else is known about special abilities or stats for the entire line. Appearance wise, Charjabug looks like a box-shaped grub, while Vikavolt resembles a stag beetle. 

From left to right, Charjabug, Vikavolt, and Togedemaru.
From left to right, Charjabug, Vikavolt, and Togedemaru.

The last electric type revealed happens to be the cute, Pikachu-like rodent of this generation. Togedemaru (which may be the English name, this is unconfirmed) is an electric/steel type with the lightning rod ability, and sort of resembles a hedgehog with colored plates on its back, and a patented cute smile we have seen on the likes of Emolga, Pachirisu, Dedenne and of course, Pikachu. 

The other three Pokémon shown for Sun and Moon include Bruxish, a water/psychic type fish with big pink lips, and a new ability called Dazzle which prevents moves with speed priority, such as Sucker Punch or Quick Attack, from landing, Cutiefly a bug/fairy type shown using the move fairy wind, and finally Drampa, the first ever normal/dragon type Pokémon. Drampa also showed off a new ability called Frenzy, which increases special attack when activated. Bruxish and Cutiefly seem to be based on a triggerfish and a bee fly respectively, while Drampa resembles an ancient sea dragon. 

From left to right, Bruxish, Cutiefly and Drampa.
From left to right, Bruxish, Cutiefly and Drampa.

The trailer also finished by showing off Zygarde and his 100% forme. Zygarde has been given a new ability called Swarm Change, which will change Zygardes forme in a pinch, meaning after dropping to half health it will switch formes.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released this fall, on November 18th. 

Update: The english trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been released, and gives us more information for the game, including some new abilities for the newly released monsters. 


From the trailer, we learn that Charjabug has the new ability Battery, that raises the power of your allies special moves, while Vikavolt is granted the Levitate ability. The other monsters were given multiple abilities - Bruxish has Dazzling and Strong Jaw, Cutiefly has Honey Gather and Shield Dust, Drampa has Berserk and Shield Dust, Togedemaru gains Iron Barbs and Lightning Rod, and Tapu Koko's ability is officially named Electric Surge.

In addition to showing off the abilities of the new Pokémon, the official website gives us some details on two more monsters previously revealed by Coro Coro, the Koala Pokémon Komala and the Puppy Pokémon Rockruff

Komala, the Drowsing  Pokémon.
Komala, the drowsing Pokémon.


Komala is a normal type, and is known as the drowsing Pokémon. Komala has the ability Comatose, which prevents it from gaining any status condition other than sleep, and is always clinging to a log while it slumbers. Komala also uses the log to attack and defend itself against enemies, despite the fact that it is always seen asleep.

Rockruff, the Puppy Pokémon.
Rockruff, the puppy Pokémon.

Ruckruff, a rock type, is the puppy Pokémon. Known for its keen sense of smell, Rockruff is loyal and sociable to their trainers, but begin to grow wilder as they approach evolving. Rockruff has two abilities, Keen Eye and Vital Spirit, to use in battle. 

Outside of new reveals for Sun and Moon, some other little tidbits were revealed, including new screenshots that show off gameplay features for the title. One of the pictures shows the trainer on the back of a Stoutland, meaning riding Pokémon has returned from X and Y

What do you think of the new Pokémon? Which one is your favorite? Leave your comments below. 

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