[Updated] Minecraft Might Be Coming To Wii U

Published: November 12, 2015 10:44 AM /



A user on the gaming forum neoGAF has spotted a possible Wii U version of the popular build-anything-you-like game Minecraft. The user spotted the title via a listing on the games rating website PEGI. The page also lists a release date for the Wii U version, which seems to be December 11 of this year. 

This comes as a bit of a surprise because Nintendo is reportedly already working on the successor to the Wii U called the NX. A possible official announcement may come during the upcoming Nintendo Direct, which will take place later today.

Since its release back in May of 2009, Minecraft has remained an incredibly popular game enjoyed by millions. It has since been ported to nearly all major consoles as well as to the Playstation Vita and Android and iOS devices. Recently, a version of Minecraft not running on Java has been ported to Microsoft's Windows 10 OS, which supports the upcoming Hololens AR headset currently being developed by the software giant as well as the Oculus Rift. This version of the game is exclusive to systems running Windows 10 and is free for anyone who owns the original version on PC or Mac.

The Minecraft franchise recently got a new addition to the family in the form of Minecraft: Story Modean episodic point and click adventure game by Telltale, who were also responsible for the Tales From The Borderlands and The Walking Dead games.

Are you planning on getting the game for the Wii U? 

Update: the PEGI page that listed Minecraft has since removed Minecraft from the listings. All that remains is the screenshot on neoGAF.

Quick Take

This is good news for people who haven't gotten a version of this game on one of the myriad of other platforms the game is available on. It might not be a system seller for the Wii U, but it will certainly be a great addition to your library if you haven't got the game yet. If you don't, I can certainly recommend you give it a go!


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