[Updated] Gumi Inc. and TRON Arcade Blockchain Project Falls Through Due To Legal Issues

Published: December 29, 2018 11:57 AM /



Update: We have received information that due to legal issues with the Financial Services Agency in Japan, the partnership that was announced in the story below between gumi and TRON Arcade has dissolved before it was able to begin. Thus the information below is no longer accurate or representative of what will be going on but was at the time of publishing.

Original Story Below

Gumi Cryptos, a Japanese blockchain venture fund by mobile game developer and publisher gumi Inc, is taking an equity stake in double jump.tokyo - a blockchain game developer.

The studio is working on My Crypto Heroes, which went into a pre-sale period on September 21st this year. In just ten days, the game made around USD 160,000 in Ethereum digital currency. Then, with My Crypto Heroes’ release on November 30th, it became the number one Ethereum app regarding first-day active users alongside the number of transactions on the platform. gumi is looking to help the company expand its reach.

Hironao Kunimitsu, Founder and CEO of gumi Inc., commented on the partnership:

“We’ve been impressed by the quality and the momentum of interest in My Crypto Heroes, we believe that through this succession of equity, allocation of new shares and capital involved in our business alliance, we can offer global marketing know-how to double jump.tokyo, and both of our companies can develop new successful blockchain properties by utilizing our intellectual properties, and accelerating business development in the blockchain business.”
Also, gumi is partnering with TRON Arcade, an extension of the favorite TRON blockchain project that just set $100 million towards building a “blockchain game ecosystem.”

With this partnership, the two will look for different blockchain games that will alter the way we approach digital experiences. “It’s great to see that a traditional gaming leader like gumi is also paying attention to the emerging blockchain gaming space,” says Roy Liu, Head of Business Development at TRON. He continues, “we both believe blockchain gaming will lead to the next wave of adoption for the nascent technology. There’s a good chance that the first “killer” gaming Dapp will be the mass market use case that everyone is searching for.”

While many view blockchain technology as a payment solution, that isn’t particularly interesting to most people. To bring in others and increase mainstream adoption, the best approach is entertainment. Who enjoys entertainment more than anyone else? Gamers. The Managing Director at gumi, Ray Zhang, agrees:

“Gamers are often the first adopters of any new technology. Although gumi Cryptos is not solely a game fund, we are happy to co-invest with TRON Arcade on startups best positioned to benefit from our Japan market-entry services and strong networks in gaming as well as TRON’s platform and distribution channels.”