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Final Fantasy XV comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 30th of November after 10 years of being in development. Final Fantasy XV was first announced to the general public back in 2006 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In Final Fantasy XV you play as Prince Noctis as he heads across a war torn world with his closest friends and advisers to meet his betrothed and attempt to reclaim his homeland. For those planning to buy Final Fantasy XV, a big question that might come up is "Where should I get it from?" More and more we see developers shipping their games with pre-order and day one bonuses, but every now and then there are way too many.

Update: A number of issues were noted in the original graph so it has been redone to include all of the fixes. For the purpose of not having the graph take up too much space it has also been split into both North American and International versions. The updated graphs are below:

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Even more information about pre-ordering Final Fantasy XV around the world, credit to GameFAQ user NurBoyXV (Click the image to open in new window)


Final Fantasy XV is releasing with 18 different pieces of DLC that range from cosmetics and avatars all the way to an extra game. These bonuses are even spread out across six different platforms, and that's not even including any differences between different store regions. Square Enix has released trailers for the majority of the DLCs, so you can take a look at them before you attempt to make a decision.

As of now, you can only get the DLC listed here through the pre-order bonuses (meaning they are, as of now, exclusive solely to the pre-order bonus). There is no information yet as to whether or not players can obtain other pieces of DLC at a later date. This is even true for the separate game, A King's Tale.


The Travel Pack DLC gives little detail in the trailer showing Noctis and his friends on the road, in a boat, exploring a town, and hanging out in a hotel room playing cards. The description of the video reads "See the world in style with this set of gear to go, replete with all the globetrotting essentials."


In the Angler Set we see Noctis setting up his line and lure to go fishing. Fishing was shown to us as being apart of Final Fantasy XV back at TGS 2015 allowing Noctis to catch provisions that can then be cooked into meals later. Your fishing style can be customized as you swap out your line, lure, rod, and reel, but the exact contents of the Angler Set DLC have yet to be announced.


According to the title of the trailer for the Gourmand Set you will receive two different types of rare ingredients. The description for the video is as follows "Turn campgrounds into kitchens and make meals into masterpieces with this custom cookware."


Camera Kit DLC will give you a new camera body and lens for Prompto's camera. During your adventures, Prompto will take photos of places you've been and memories you make, and you will be able to view those photos freely at any point in time.


If you don't want Noctis to look like he's out for a road trip with his friends, then the Royal Raiment DLC will allow you to dress Noctis in the traditional formal wear of Lucian lieges. Unlike his black coat and pants, he is wearing a full suit dark pinstripe suit.

How will you choose to pimp your ride?

There will be four different coats of paint that you can get for your car. 16-bit buddies has 16 bit renditions of the four main characters on the side and hood of your car. Gold Chocobo gives you a metallic gold and black paint job with Chocobo decals all over. For fans of Cindy, Final Fantasy XV's take on Cid, you can get images of her on your car with the CindyMobile recolor. Lastly the Platinum Leviathan gives your car a dark paint job inspired by the fearsome leviathan.

Well isn't that adorable

Players who get the game on PlayStation 4 will have the ability to get the Big Bang theme for their PS4 home screen, and if you purchased the Digital Premium Edition, you will also receive a mini soundtrack for the game. Xbox players will receive codes that can be redeemed for an outfit to dress your avatar up as Noctis and a prop that allows your avatar to play with their own Carbuncle.

Various weapons from past Final Fantasy games will be included as DLC for Noctis to add to his collection. The weapons included are the Mage Masher from FFIX, the Gae Bolg with its FFXIV appearance, the Masamune redesigned for FFXV, and the Blackfire Saber from FFXIII.


The next DLC is a game in itself titled A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV. Beginning with young Noctis wanting to be told a bedtime story by his father, King Regis retells a story from 30 years ago when monsters attacked their home city. In this retro beat 'em up, you take control of Regis and fight with your comrades with a variety of weapons, magic, and even summons. A King's Tale will unlock on the 29th of November with Final Fantasy XV for those who get it as a pre-order bonus.

The final pre-order item comes from Square Enix's store. If you pre-order the game there, you will get a collection of exclusive postcards with images from the game on them.

What do you think of all of the different pre-order bonuses for Final Fantasy XV? Have you pre-ordered, if so where from?

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