[Updated] Gigantic Developer Motiga Sees Significant Layoffs

November 3, 2017 12:15 AM

By: Alex Santa Maria


Update: A representative from Perfect World has given TechRaptor the following statement regarding Motiga's downsizing.

Following the news that Motiga has reduced the staff of its studio, Perfect World Entertainment can confirm that as the publisher of Gigantic, the game will continue to be available on our platforms. A core team of developers remains at Motiga, who will work with us to support the game and its players, including moving full steam ahead with the upcoming November update and future content. We cannot thank everyone enough for their contributions in making Gigantic the outstanding experience it is today.
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For all the wonders of 2017, it's inevitable that some games are going to get overlooked. Whether they be entries in overcrowded genres or victims of circumstance, it's entirely possible that a game with potential may never find that audience it needs to thrive, and that can have lasting consequences. This is seemingly the case for Gigantic, a free to play first person MOBA that has a core audience but was not the bustling success that the developers at Motiga were hoping for. For a live game that requires constant updates and server maintenance, an unsteady player base can be a death knell.

Going to Gigantic's official subreddit as well as Twitter, audio lead Dan Crislip posted what seems to be an obituary for the studio. Some other developers and friends in the industry chimed in with their well wishes.



It's unclear whether these layoffs truly mean the end for Motiga as a developer and what this all means for Gigantic. Members of the development team have confirmed on Reddit that the game's November update will be released on time. Future updates could be handled by Perfect World Entertainment, who acquired the game from previous publishing partner Microsoft before its full release. The Seattle developer had already suffered multiple rounds of layoffs leading up to the deal with Perfect World.

TechRaptor has reached out representatives from Motiga and Perfect World and will update with any further information.



Have you played Gigantic? What do you think of the game?

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