[Updated] E3 2016- Titanfall 2 Trailer Accidentally Leaked by EA

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[Updated] E3 2016- Titanfall 2 Trailer Accidentally Leaked by EA

June 12, 2016

By: Robert Grosso

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Update: After the accidental posting, Electronic Arts has apparently decided to post the singleplayer trailer on their Youtube which includes the date and the footage but not any of the talking before hand or that information. You can see it here:



Mere hours before Electronic Arts is set to take the stage at their EA Play event opposite E3, a minor gaff has given the general public a quick glance into their conference, and specifically, Titanfall 2

EA, running a playtest of their conference, accidently let the livestream go for a couple of minutes, in the middle of EA's dress rehearsal. The video showcased the single player trailer debut of Titanfall 2, which is slated for a Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC release of October 28th, 2016. Shortly after the trailer for Titanfall 2's single player ended, EA COO Peter Moore took the stage to introduce Madden 2017, after showing a trailer of it, although EA apparently became aware of the leak there, cut the footage and have since removed their test from being visible.

The trailer, and the entire livestream, has since been taken down by EA, but several screenshots and gifs of the trailer have been made in the short amount of time it was up, as well as a mirror of the trailer, linked below via dailymotion. 


Some of the information regarding Titanfall 2 also leaked with the trailer, including six new titans with customization options and a "deeper progression system", as well as a planned multiplayer tech test before the game is released, which players will be able to sign up for at Titanfall.com, presumably after the announcement. Along with giving the Titan's a voice and making them a playable character of sorts, the game's single-player mode will also be offline only, meaning no internet connection is required to play through the story.

Much of the information here is confirming rumors surrounding Titanfall 2 for months now, and while the reveal of a single player campaign is not surprising, seeing it in action hours before its official reveal is. Of course, more information regarding Titanfall 2 will be made available as the day unfolds. 


What do you think about this? Glad EA made a mistake and leaked something early, or does this hurt their conference at all? Leave your comments below. 

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