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Update: So it seems Capsule Silence XXIV may not be as unfinished, or leaked, as we thought. Rather, this appears to be a fully fleshed out and quite strange game. This shouldn't be much surprise to those who know about the game's creator TorahHorse who has been behind such bizarre things like Sonic Dreams Collection and Bubsy 3D: The James Turrell Retrospective.

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It appears this game is a strange one, requiring you to be rather ready to explore its dev console, follow links to hidden Youtube videos, and assist robots. Hidden among the game is cassette tapes that contains songs from Anamanguchi, and a music video for their song Japan Air.

As an aside, it should be noted that Anamanguchi has basically nuked their Twitter account with the only post left being a link to download Capsule Silence XXIV. Anyone who is a fan of strange meta games should give this one a try.

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Original Story: Okay, warning ahead of time, this one requires a bit of following. It's a strange one.

On March 25th, the game Capsule Silence XXIV was announced. It was supposed to be a FPS/RPG combination, coming to PCs and Macs sometime this year, with console versions to follow. NHX, the Developers who appear to be new to the scene with no actual games under their belt yet, were working closely with band Anamanguchi for the soundtrack. This wouldn't be Anamanguchi's first dip in video game soundtracks, as they did the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game and some songs for Bit.Trip Runner, along with the theme song for the gaming podcast Retronauts.

Now's where things get a little interesting. At the end of the aforementioned article, Gamespot mentioned trying to get a statement out of the band. Apparently the band never responded and this did not sit well with one of the developers, who sent the band a scathing e-mail accusing them of a lack of professionalism and saying they were "risking the entire integrity of Capsule Silence XXIV."

And now here's where things get wild. Anamanguchi's Twitter account has been making some rather interesting posts, finishing in putting up a free (and possibly illegal) download for their own game. Among the tweets includes accusations of the game being terrible, that no one would fund it over Kickstarter, and leaking out one of the songs that was left off of the soundtrack. There are some personal attacks against the developers, including saying that their kids will always hate them no matter how much money they raise, and a rant about their hatred of intellectual property and owning land.

This is all entertaining, but there are some questions to how real this is. NHX has never been mentioned before, and any effort to find information about NHX comes up blank. They have only put out a series of web based "games" that act more like interactive music videos, as well. Their website originally appeared to be down, but in reality is actually just a blank page not set to load anything at all. Furthermore, using who.is reveals that the page is owned by Peter Berkman, who is one of the members of Anamanguchi.

At this point there's no word on what will happen to Capsule Silence XXIV, or if it was even real in the first place, but the safe bet is that we won't be seeing much outside of Anamanguchi's leaked WIP version.

Quick Take:

I'm ... not exactly sure what to say about this one. On one hand the developer's e-mail to Anamanguchi (providing it's real) is really strange and there must be better ways to communicate with a band than font-sized 20+ light blue all-caps. On the other hand, Anamanguchi's meltdown is just absurd and there's no way leaking the game like this won't end with some sort of legal action. Honestly, though, the more that comes out the faker it looks. There seems like a good chance this could be a strange publicity stunt for something, possibly a new Anamanguchi album. Waiting to see what will happen next.

What do you think of all this? Could it be fake? Or is it a real argument between a band and a developer that ended in the game being leaked? Let us know in the comments!

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