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Star Wars is coming to virtual reality, with a Star Wars VR Mission focused on flying X-Wings, exclusively for the Sony VR headset.

At the Sony press conference, one of the games briefly shown some gameplay for the VR component to EA's Star Wars: Battlefront. This one specifically has you dog fighting it out in the cockpit of an X-Wing fighter. The video also showed you making a run on a Star Destroyer, dodging waves of Tie fighters as you assault the Empire for one more major run, all in glorious first person, VR goodness. 

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Criterion Games is working on the title, with a short teaser of it showing up in yesterday's EA press conference. Other than Criterion games working on the title, next to no information has been released about X-Wing VR Mission at this time. 

The X-Wing VR Mission did not have an announced release date, but will likely coincide with the launch of the Playstation VR  headset in October. Remember, you can find more of our E3 coverage at our E3 2016 Coverage Hub.

Update: The short teaser trailer from the Sony press conference has been released.



Update 2: The official Playstation blog posted a quick message from James Svensson of Criterion Games, the development team behind X-Wing VR Mission. Svensson is happy to introduce the game, and believes that virtual reality is the perfect way to move one step closer to feeling like you are flying an X-Wing in space, and how players will feel as they fly alongside imperial ships that dwarf them in size, shooting at their hull in an attempt to bring them down. 

Criterion and DICE are working hard to preserve the look and feel of Star Wars with X-Wing VR Mission, and the look is at least, paying off. 

Quick Take

With so little information to go on, I am not even sure how good X-Wing VR Mission will be. Star Wars being present in Virtual Reality is a perfect fit, and I am glad they choose the fighter piloting as the game to do it in, especially since it sort of invokes a Rogue Squadron or X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter feel a bit, but the short teaser introducing the game is not enough to really convince me it will be worth a purchase.

What's more, is it separate from Star Wars: Battlefront or will it be an add-on?  Another thing, are there multiple missions to run on or is it just one, singular mission you do over and over again? There are too many questions on X-Wing VR Mission, hopefully they get answered in the coming days as E3 rolls on. 

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