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When it comes to gaming, Hideo Kojima is a force to be reckoned with. There has been an abundance of rumors going around about him in the last couple of years, mainly concerning his sudden departure from Konami. Well, he's back, and his new studio Kojima Productions is partnering with Sony Interactive Entertainment to bring a brand new exlusive to PlayStation 4, and that exclusive goes by the name of Death Stranding

The reveal came in the form of a cinematic trailer, one that threw a lot at us but didn't explain much of it. First and foremost, however, Norman Reedus. Reedus was originally supposed to star in the Kojima developed Silent Hills game when Kojima was still at Konami, but that game was canceled. However, while Silent Hills may have been dissolved, it seems that the relationship between Kojima and Reedus hasn't. Norman Reedus is set to star in Death Stranding, and his character was the main focus in this cinematic trailer. In this trailer we see the protagonist doing many things, but it's hard to explain what exactly they mean. We see him handcuffed, we see him holding a baby, and we see him covered in oily hand-prints while staring off into the sunset surrounded by dead fish and whales. 

Check out the full trailer (as well as Hideo Kojima's grand stage entrance) below:

Little is known about the upcoming Kojima Productions game. We don't have any gameplay from Death Stranding, any story details, or release window yet. However, since development and publishing of the game is being aided by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it's safe to assume that this will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. One thing is for certain, though; this is 100% a Hideo Kojima game.

[Update]  Now that Death Stranding has been officially revealed during Sony's E3 press conference, Kojima can now come out and speak about the game a bit more. During YouTube Live's stream, Kojima gave us a little bit more to work with concerning the game, but not much more. In fact, he stated that he actually wants fans to speculate on what they saw in the trailer. He has chosen to continue keeping things like the setting and the name of the main character a secret. He did, however state that the game will include a lot of action elements and that it will be a game unlike anything anybody has ever played before. 

Kojima also stated in the interview that Death Stranding is still a long ways off, and that makes sense considering that he still hasn't even picked an engine for the game. He has, however, been able to narrow it down to a couple of candidates. Another thing that he mentioned is that Guillermo Del Toro is not currently involved in the making of the game. Lastly, Kojima gave us some insight concerning the game's name. When there are a lot of marine mammals like whales or dolphins stranded on a beach, it is called a mass stranding. When these whales or dolphins are dead, then it's called a dead stranding. The idea behind the name Death Stranding is that somebody has come from another world and now finds themselves stranded, according to Kojima. 

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