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[Update] Microsoft Gamescom 2015- Cobalt

August 4, 2015

By: Robert Grosso


Microsoft showed off the latest offering from Mojang studios, the development studio that created Minecraft, and Oxeye Studios. This time, they are going retro with Cobalt, a 2-D run and gun-style platformer with a ton of features added.

Cobalt is considered a "couch multiplayer and action-platformer" where you play a cyborg who is searching for a lost colony of humans on an alien planet.

The game features several multiplayer modes, and judging from the trailer the variety is outside of the standard deathmatch modes we normally see in other games.

Cobalt also supports co-op play, so you and a friend can go through the main story together as you battle creatures like giant space hamsters and other alien creatures. Other features include a slo-mo mode, hacking, in-game challenges and "rampant consumerism," likely meaning you have to buy new weapons with earned points.



Cobalt will be released on the Xbox One, and will be released this October.

Update: Cobalt will also be released on Steam. It is a console exclusive to the Xbox One.

Update 2: Some more information regarding Cobalt has been released. The game will sport 30 multiplayer maps, about three dozen weapon types, and six game modes, including the single player, challenge, deathmatch, capture the plug, team strike and survival modes.

The full release information for Cobalt is found on their factsheet here.

So do you think Cobalt will be a good experience? Are you looking forward to kicking butt as a cyborg? Leave your comments below.

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