UPDATE: Microsoft cuts the price of Xbox Gold by a third...for a limited time

Published: February 26, 2015 12:26 PM /


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UPDATE: After asking Xbox Support via twitter it has been revealed that this deal is only for a limited time so if you think you'll be needing a top up of Xbox Life Gold then now would be the time to purchase it.



Microsoft has just announced that the cost for Xbox Live Gold will be cut by a third, going from a yearly price of $60 to $40. Xbox Gold is a service for Xbox that allows gamers to take advantage of all of the features of the system and network through a large variety of different extras that are not available to Xbox Silver members.

Xbox Gold membership includes
Complete your experience with great added features for Gold!

As you can see above the Gold membership includes a lot of additional features for Xbox 360 as well as even more features for owners of the Xbox One. If you were to get an Xbox Gold subscription on an Xbox One then all other accounts on your Xbox One would be able to access Gold features due to Home Gold.

One of the biggest features that Gold is giving you is access to the Games with Gold program. Games with Gold is a system where every month there will be an Xbox One game you can download and keep for free, providing your Gold subscription doesn't lapse, and two free games for the Xbox 360, which you will always be able to access even if your gold subscription terminates. If you wish to see an example of Games with Gold then the March Games with Gold games were just announced.

On top of free games you will also get an even better discount on any games that are on sale, on average Gold subscribers get a further 5-10% off the weekly deals.

This price drop of Xbox Live Gold from $60 to $40 now means that it is $10 cheaper than a year of PlayStation+, PlayStation's equivalent subscription system. If you wish to purchase this new cheaper Xbox Live Gold then you can head over to the Microsoft Store.

What do you think of Xbox Gold price going down? Will you be more willing to buy it for yourself now that it's cheaper? Will any of you now be trying Gold for the first time?


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