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A series of new features have been revealed for EA's annual professional football simulator, Madden NFL. Along with a new trailer and gameplay revamps, new competitive modes have been designed in order to cater to different levels of competitive play in Madden NFL 17. The popular Franchise mode will be receiving a number of new features for its August 23rd release date. These features focus on allowing players to become more engaged in the way that their teams function. In addition to Big Decisions that will test strategies and tactics, these new features will include community desired choices, such as the implementation of practice squads, full-player editing, and an in-game ticker that will provide score updates for other teams and matchups. Madden 17 header 2

The fan appeal of thrilling sports moments will be highlighted with Madden's Play the Moment function. This feature will simulate the entirety of a game until key moments, such as drives or punts, are created. Players will then be able to play through these moments, allowing them to enjoy those moments of football that require the most tension and excitement. At any point during a game, this mode can be toggled or switched with the other modes, Defense Only, Offense Only, or Full Game. Madden NFL 17 will also feature a new cast of commentators and player actions, like the updated list of fake-outs and jukes.

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With an increased focus on the competitive nature of esports, three of these modes include Challenger, Premier, and EA Major. The first of these is aimed more toward individual players and small, self hosted events. Premier and EA Major, however, focus on large-scale events, with the former including partnered events and the latter including more professional live stream competitions. The newest Madden Championship Series is slated to include a whopping $1 million in prize money. It is clear that, aside from appealing to its casual players, EA wishes to expand upon the competitive potential of its sports games category.

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