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EA unveiled EA Originals today at their press conference at E3 2016.  Patrick Söderlund took the stage to tell the story that came to be Unravel, and professed interest in sharing other unique first time experiences with their players through assisting the studios that make these smaller, unique games.  EA Originals is meant to support smaller studios through publishing, marketing and distribution.  The profits will go back into these smaller studios under the EA Originals umbrella to help them continue to develop news games and new IP, according to a post by Söderlund.  Also displayed was the first game to come out of EA Originals.

Fe Silence

This first EA Originals game is titled Fe, developed by a small studio named Zoink, which tells a tale about our link to nature.  The player character can learn songs as they go through their adventure that allow them to access new parts of the forest that serves as the game's world.  The mysterious enemy, the Silent, seek to corrupt this forest, and you must avoid them using stealth and defeat them with a variety of tactics, using whatever is available to you in the forest to foil their plans.

Fe Tricks

A gameplay trailer showcasing Fe's visuals was also shown on stage.  The game has a unique color palette and lush visuals.  Shown in the trailer is a variety of methods that the player character uses to interact with the forest, including awakening other beings in the forest to defeat the Silent.


It's no surprise that making video games is not an easy thing to do.  Making a good game is even harder, and it takes time, dedication, and just as equally important, money.  It's risky business all the same, so a large company like EA backing smaller studios through their EA Originals program will likely be a welcome advance to a number of studios, though not every studio may want to be under the pressure of a giant like EA all the same.  So far though, the first EA Originals game looks promising.

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