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Battlefield 1 closes out the EA Play Live event this afternoon, and it goes out with a bang. 

States that the Battlefield games need to take risks to continue forward, and Battlefield 1 was a concept that was pushed by several team members that a game like World War 1 is worth the risks. 

Patrick Bach of DICE comes out, and after showing off a piece of the EA Play trailer for Battlefield 1, stating that the goal is for the community to be a part of the game at every step of the way. He then notes that several players will do straight gameplay of Battlefield 1 right after the conference. Two teams, spearheaded by celebrities Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron, 

Battlefield 1 will have players engage in some of the biggest battles they have ever seen, with 64 player matchups. Bach notes unlimited gameplay possibilities due to the games destruction engine, a hallmark of the Battlefield series, as well as dynamic weather and new vehicles. In particular are behemoth vehicles, such as airships, armored trains, and others to totally dominate the air, land and sea for your team. 

Battlefield insiders will also get early access to the Battlefield 1 beta before the October release date, before showing off the entire gameplay trailer.


Battlefield 1 will feature a full hour of gameplay live, showing off 64 man multiplayer action. 

More updates to come as more information on Battlefield 1 is revealed. 

Update: EA has published a quick press release in regards to the information stated on Battlefield 1. The release talks about the destructive environments and dynamic weather, all powered by the Frostbite engine, as being major features of the game, allowing for the landscape of the battle itself to change as the game is played. Some of the weather effects listed include heavy fog and rain, which will have a negative effect on player visibility and hearing in a given match. 

New gameplay modes include operations, which will have players "fight in a series of interconnected battles across multiple fronts." These battles will be stringed together, meaning winning or losing matches will have consequences in the next battle as you try to retake territory from the enemy teams, or conquer as much land as possible. 

Finally, more information on the aforementioned behemoth vehicles is revealed. Airships, Armored Trains and Battleships add an epic feel to Battlefield 1, with Aleksander Grøndal, Senior Producer, DICE, stating that "“With Battlefield 1 we’re looking to deliver the most dynamic shooter ever. We want to make sure that no battle is ever the same for the players, and with the introduction of Operations, we’re giving the fans variety for game play and creativity.”

Battlefield 1 will have an open beta coming this summer, before the game is released on October 21st of this year.  Find more of our E3 coverage at our E3 2016 Coverage Hub.


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