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Published: May 19, 2016 9:22 AM /


Rocket League

The developers behind the hit indie game Rocket League are planning a huge update for this June, and in a recent post on the Rocket League website, we learned the first details towards what that Rocket League update will include. The post explained that the update will be adding 27 new in-game quick chat phrases, as well as the option to use brand new post-game quick chat phrases.

Here are the 27 new in-game quick chats being added this June:

  • All yours.
  • Calculated.
  • Go for it!
  • Great Clear!
  • Holy cow!
  • In position.
  • Incoming!
  • My bad…
  • My fault.
  • Need Boost!
  • Nice Block!
  • Nice one!
  • No Way!
  • Okay.
  • Oops!
  • Savage!
  • Siiiick!
  • What a play!
  • Whew.

And here are the 8 new post-game quick chats being added:

  • Everybody dance!
  • gg
  • Nice moves.
  • One. More. Game.
  • Rematch!
  • That was fun!
  • Well played.
  • What a Game!

In-game quick chats aren’t anything new for Rocket League players, but players have been stuck with the same 16 since the game launched last July. Now players can go to the options menu and remap new phrases in the “Chat” section.  For example, you can now switch out the phrase “What a Save!” with the new phrase “What a Play!” in the “Compliments” quick chat category with relative ease.

Rocket League Quick Chats

However, while in-game quick chats aren’t a new thing in Rocket League, post-game quick chats are. Before, if you wanted to say something in the chat after the match was already over, you had to type it out yourself. Now you can map these special post-game quick chat phrases separately to your in-game ones, and once the match ends, you have the option to use them in the same way you use quick chats during the match. These phrases will be available for use in the same place that your informative phrases like “Go for it!” are found during the match.

New quick chat phrases aren’t the only things coming in this upcoming June update for Rocket League. The development studio Psyonix is describing the update as “massive”. Throughout this week and even the month of June itself, Psyonix will be previewing the upcoming content coming with the update on their official blog. I’m sure we can expect a new game mode to be included in the upcoming update, and you can trust TechRaptor to update you once it’s announced.

Quick Take

Although some of these quick chat options sound cool, there are also a couple of them that I’m slightly worried about. It’s already annoying enough getting spammed with the phrase “What a Save!” if I don’t perfectly block every shot that comes my way, so I can only imagine how much worse it’s going to get once phrases like “What a Play!” and “Nice One!” make their way to the game this June. The only phrase that the game really needed was “You’re Being an A-hole”, but it doesn’t look like that’ll be coming anytime soon.

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