Upcoming Half-Life Alyx Mod Offers a 4-5 Hour Campaign

Published: January 17, 2022 10:06 AM /


A still from the trailer for From Here to There, a custom Half-Life: Alyx campaign.

Players looking for a new fan-made VR adventure will soon have the opportunity to play a new Half-Life: Alyx mod. Known as From Here to There, this Half-Life: Alyx mod is a campaign that will have players trying to make their way to the Fiji Islands and escape the reach of the Combine.

Created by Jerrin Chu, players will take the role of Dr. Smithers of Black Mesa, a former scientist who has gone undercover as a custodian after the resonance cascade incident. Once colleagues with Gordon Freeman, Smithers now condemns him for the destruction of the Black Mesa labs and the alien invasion. But none of that matters now, because Smithers' niece has sent him a postcard claiming that the Fiji Islands have yet to be claimed by the Combine. Local travel has been halted, but good thing Smithers is an expert on teleportation. Surely nothing will go wrong.

Estimated to be about 4-5 hours long, this Half-Life: Alyx mod will have players exploring six different maps in a story that stays consistent with the Half-Life story. The game's environments are compiled in 8k resolution and offer plenty of detail, along with hidden Easter eggs that reward Resin to adventurous players. Puzzles in the game will also make good use of VR's capabilities, such as having to operate a microwave or vending machine. Characters in-game have their own voice acting and make use of scripted sequences to create pre-determined encounters. Reactions to the trailer have been very positive, so this may be something VR fans will want to try out.

From Here to There will be available sometime in early 2022.

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