Unturned PS4 and Xbox One Release Coming Fall 2020

Survival Sandbox Comes to Consoles

An Unturned PS4 and Xbox One release will be arriving later this fall, finally bringing one of PC's coolest survival sandbox games to console. After more than half a decade as a free-to-play game on Steam, Unturned is being brought to two of the three major consoles by 505 Games and FunLabs.

Unfamiliar with Unturned? Check out its release trailer to get a pretty good overview of the game in just one minute:


Unturned has a lot of things you're probably well familiar with: a large open world, a ton of weapons, zombies, building, and survival mechanics. If this game were released today, it would probably be lost in the shuffle.

The thing is, Unturned wasn't released today — it first launched way back in 2014 as a free-to-play title on Steam Early Access. That ultimately made it pretty popular, accumulating nearly 400,000 reviews in its lifetime thus far. It remains in development today.

Now, an Unturned PS4 and Xbox One edition has been announced, although it isn't quite going to be the same. Smartly Dressed Games is allowing FunLabs and 505 Games to develop the console version.

Strangely, the console version of Unturned being launched as a premium product rather than a free-to-play release. The PC version can be played for free with very few restrictions and many of those can be loosened with a one-time $5 purchase. The console version, however, is being launched at a $24.99 price point.

Unturned PS4 and Xbox One release slice

When is the Unturned PS4 Release Date?

When will you be able to play this cool survival sandbox game on consoles? Thankfully, it doesn't look like you'll have to wait too long.

505 Games is targeting a Fall 2020 release window for the console version of Unturned. Unfortunately, they haven't yet announced a specific release date just yet. You'll be able to pick up Unturned on PS4 and Xbox One for $24.99 or your regional equivalent. Alternatively, you can just play it for free on Steam and spend five bucks on the permanent Gold Upgrade if you like the game and want to kick the dev some cash.

Would you want to play the Unturned PS4 or Xbox One versions or do you prefer to play this sort of game on PC? What do you think of its price point? Let us know in the comments below!

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