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Back in 1998 Blizzard was working on an adventure game set in the Warcraft universe, Warcraft Adventures. Eventually, after nearing completion, Blizzard decided to not release it. Nearly 20 years later, it seems fans will have the opportunity to check out the game for themselves as someone on the Scrolls of Lore forums has leaked the game.

Warcraft Adventures was a point and click and adventure game that began development in 1997 and was only cancelled when it was nearly finished in 1998, shortly before E3 that year. Animations, puzzles, voice acting—basically everything was complete, but for some reason Blizzard did not feel confident in Adventures. With the game's delay from 97 to 98, LucasArts had released The Curse of Monkey Island and already announced Grim Fandango, which boasted a 3D engine.

The game's story would eventually be seen in the novel Lord of the Clans, released in 2001, which follows one of the most significant characters in Warcraft lore, Thrall. Adventures was interesting from a lore perspective as it came out after Warcraft II and featured many prominent characters from the first two games in the Warcraft series, while introducing and expanding on some that are still major characters in Warcraft's story today, such as Thrall. Oddly enough, Thrall was voiced by Clancy Brown in Warcraft Adventures, who would later play Warchief Blackhand in the recently released Warcraft movie.

Fans have already seen a decent amount of Warcraft Adventures, albeit over a long period of time. Starting in March 2010 and finally ending in early 2015, some gameplay videos of Adventures made their way onto YouTube, showcasing everything available to the uploader, who had access to a beta version of the game. Just last month several cutscenes were uploaded to YouTube, which had never been seen before and thought to be lost. That has led up to yesterday, where a pre-released version of Warcraft Adventures was uploaded to the Internet with all gameplay and cutscenes.

What do you think of Warcraft Adventures? Would you like to see an official release from Blizzard? Will we ever see Starcraft: Ghost? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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