Unreleased Spider-Man 4 Game Surfaces

Published: December 2, 2019 2:30 PM /


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An unreleased Spider-Man 4 game has surfaced thanks to sheer good luck with acquiring secondhand developer hardware.

As reported by Gaming Alexandria, they've acquired an RVT-H Wii development kit. This is largely similar to the consumer Wii with several notable exceptions like a hard drive replacing an optical drive. This allowed developers to test out games, and a few happened to be left behind on this particular unit — one of which was an unreleased Spider-Man 4 game.

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All About the Unreleased Spider-Man 4 Game

You might be curious what the unreleased Spider-Man 4 game is all about, especially because there hasn't yet been a Spider-Man 4 movie to go with it. That, dear friends, is likely why it was never finished.

Sony had hoped to continue working with Toby Maguire on the first major Spider-Man film franchise. Scripts were in the works for a fourth film and Sam Raimi was on board to continue making the franchise; the plot was likely to showcase Dr. Connors' transformation into the Lizard along with a showing of The Vulture.

Unfortunately, things just didn't work out that way — Mr. Raimi didn't find a story that he liked and, combined with several other issues, ultimately resulted in the subsequent Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland reboots of the franchise in the following years. Some of the plot points — like the inclusion of The Vulture — were addressed in subsequent films in the two successive reboots of the Spider-Man film franchise.

That wasn't always been the plan, though, as the development of a fourth game (presumably to tie in with a fourth movie) was authorized and already well underway before it was ultimately canceled. You can see it in action in the below video from Hard4Games.

The video showcases several unfinished areas. It seems that they didn't get much done in terms of the story, something that's totally understandable considering the movie had not even begun production at the point. However, the developers did manage to create several underlying systems.

Several debug rooms and camera tests are available for the player to check out. Regrettably, there isn't really any option to dive into a proper open world as it seems it just hadn't been fleshed out yet. Still, it makes for a pretty nice peek into what could have been.

You can read more about the unreleased Spider-Man 4 game by heading on over to Gaming Alexandria's website.

What do you think of the unreleased Spider-Man 4 game? Do you think a fourth Tobey Maguire movie would have been good or was it better to reboot the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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