Unity Cloud Development is Underway With a Partnership With Microsoft

Unity and Microsoft have partnered up to bring Create Solutions to the cloud to make game creation and enhancement fit the needs of developers everywhere.

Published: August 8, 2022 1:49 PM /


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Senior Vice President and General Manager of Unity Create Solutions, Marc Whitten, has announced that Unity Cloud development is officially underway. Unity has partnered with Microsoft in order to better meet the needs of the game developers who use the Unity engine. 

Marc Whitten goes on to state,

"We see many areas where we can partner with Microsoft Azure to build more cloud capabilities for you across our ecosystem of tools and services. We will use these capabilities to improve workflows, deliver new functionality, provide additional reliability and more global access options, and more."

This is not the first time that Unity has decided to launch certain features that make the game developer's lives easier, such as when they launched the new set of tools back in 2021 that was meant to help with analytics and multiplayer integration. The addition of the Cloud to Unity will enhance the reliability of storage and offer more tools than ever before to developers, as well as making it much easier for devs around the world to collaborate in making games with the use of the Cloud. Since the company already has several Cloud-powered tools in place, such as the Unity Game Services and Digital Twins, making this new collaboration sensible and seamless. 

There are a few key tools that Unity is most excited about, including the DevOps products they offer. Plastic SCM and Cloud Build allow the developers to catch in-game issues quicker than usual, meaning they can fix them before they become a severe problem within further development. Unity has made it a point to further develop the capabilities of DevOps within the Cloud to ensure devs will deliver higher-quality games overall with the use of the tool. The Cloud build for this tool will increase the repository limits as well, leaping from 25GB to 40GB while also raising the concurrency limit from six to eight.

The goal overall with this partnership is to create not only a better experience in the creation of the games for developers but to ensure that they are able to create the vision they have in mind with ease. The partnership with Microsoft Azure allows Unity to scale its services, which in turn allows developers to create more complex projects and high-quality games they can be even more proud of than ever before. Since Unity seems to be the most popular engine among those who develop Steam games, this can really hit the game market hard in the best of ways, and allow the developer's creativity to flow more freely and really bring their dreams to life. 

To read the full announcement and update in regards to the Unity Cloud Development, check out Unity's blog post

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