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Turtle Rock Studios, the original development team behind the popular survival horror / first person shooter Left 4 Dead, has released files for a previously unseen campaign map. Titled "Dam It", the campaign is a compilation of the fourth and fifth campaigns from Left 4 Dead, Dead Air and Blood Harvest.

As this unused Left 4 Dead campaign was released without any of the code changes made by Turtle Rock Studios and is in an unfinished state, there are a number of features that don't work as the team intended. Known issues include the following:

  • Panic event triggers (fire, smoke, explosions) do not work in the hangars.
  • The dam spawn room is missing supplies (weapons and health kits).
  • The covered bridge does not collapse with explosions.
  • The farm house mob does not spawn on the far side of the woods.
  • In the orchard, zombies will not crawl all the time.
  • Players will take burn damage in the burning forest section due to a mistimed trigger; additionally, the burning forest section is missing wandering fires.
  • Elevator models in the dam are usable, but are invisible and are missing wall collision.
The layout of the campaign (with commentary), as well as the downloadable files, can be found here. Left 4 Dead is currently available to purchase on Steam for $19.99 or 20% off for $15.98 on Green Man Gaming (affiliate link) which redeems on Steam.

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Quick Take

It's interesting to see some of Turtle Rock Studios notes on this Left 4 Dead campaign. Interestingly enough, they recommend that players split up during the mini-finale, which runs antithesis to the general approach of "never split up" in the horror genre.

What are your thoughts on this unfinished campaign? Does it look like something you would have liked to see in Left 4 Dead? Are there any other features you find that aren't working? Let us know in the comment section below.

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