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Published: November 1, 2019 1:00 PM /


The labyrinthine tunnels of UnderRail

Stygian Software has released a new update for UnderRail. The Core City Factions update - also known as Patch - brings new faction armor, new creatures, and a treasure trove of gameplay tweaks to the isometric RPG. It's worth noting that some of these changes also landed in patches and .14, but they're now part of the main branch.

First up, there are a whole bunch of new models to discover in UnderRail. Core City faction members now all have distinctive and unique looks. There are new faction-specific armors and items for JKK, Coretech, Praetorian Security, Protectorate, and Free Drones. In addition, the characters Balor and Cornell now have unique models, so there's plenty of new eye candy to feast on.

Next, there are new creatures to discover. They're mostly weaker creatures, so you'll see them in lower-threat areas of the game. The Mole Cricket is a "puny" new early-game insect. A weaker, younger version of the Psi Beetle has been added, and there's also a weaker and smaller version of the Sentry Bot. Stygian says you'll likely encounter these new creatures in the early game on lower difficulties.

There are way too many other minor gameplay tweaks to list here, so check out the official patch notes if you'd like a full changelog. The Steam post also contains some info about what's coming to UnderRail in the future. Stygian is working on "at least a couple more" content updates, which will vary in size. They'll mostly be minor quest updates and visual fixes. There's also a second expansion coming to the game, although Stygian says it hasn't started work on this yet, so we don't know what form it will take. Watch this space.

UnderRail is currently available for PC via Steam and GOG.

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