Undecember Release Date Revealed For October

Published: September 30, 2022 9:02 AM /


A gloomy-looking figure in a cape kneeling amongst swords embedded in the ground in Undecember

If you've been waiting for an Undecember release date outside of Korea, you're in luck. The hack-and-slash ARPG is launching on October 12th, and you'll be able to grab it on Steam and via the Android and iOS app stores. Sharpen that sword and get ready to start planning your skill tree.

Unlike fellow Korean hack-and-slash ARPG Lost ArkUndecember doesn't have a class system. Instead, it offers the chance to build a character via an extensive skill tree, letting you put points into whatever you like based on what kind of build you want to create. As you can imagine, the possible combinations are near-limitless, so this is definitely one to check out if you like tinkering.

A player performing a spinning attack and sending enemies flying in Undecember
Undecember should sate your hunger if you were left disappointed by Diablo Immortal.

As well as a robust single-player campaign divided into Acts, you'll also be able to enjoy co-op content like boss raids and guilds. After you've completed the main story, endgame dungeons known as Chaos Dungeons will also be available to check out. Publisher Line Games is also teasing something it calls "Guild Battlegrounds", which could be some kind of PvP arena. Essentially, if you love some hack-and-slash ARPG goodness, this looks like one you'll want to keep an eye on.

You'll be able to check out Undecember when it launches for PC via Steam (and Line Games' own launcher), as well as the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, on October 12th. If you want to check the game out before you commit to it, then you'll be pleased to know a demo will be made available as part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest, which kicks off next week and runs until October 10th. Pre-registration on Steam or on either of the mobile platforms will also net you some bonuses including gold, some upgrade materials, and an exclusive "medallion coupon". Want to know what that gets you? Pre-register and find out!

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