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The hype machine is slowly picking up steam now that the May 10 release of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is just around the corner. As if knowing this was not enough, Sony has posted an extensive guide to the game's multiplayer on their official blog. There's a lot to parse through so we'll just jump right into it.

First up: future content updates for the multiplayer. All maps and modes coming to the game post-release will all be available to anyone, free of charge. All vanity and gameplay items can also be bought with in-game currency without needing you to draw your real world wallet. This is part of Naughty Dog's 'Multiplayer DLC Philosophy'.

This means that the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer community won’t be fragmented by different types of DLC, and that those who are loyal in participating in the community will be rewarded.
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The in-game currency can be acquired via 2 ways: the first one is by playing the game. You get the currency by completing daily challenges and by winning matches, which gets you relics. These relics can be used to buy chests from the store and come in 2 flavors: DLC gameplay chests that drop weapons, boosters and more, and DLC Vanity chests that drop skins, clothing, and taunts. Each chest is randomized so you'll never know what you get, but you will never get an item you already have. If you want to skip the grind and go straight to the rewards, it's possible to buy Uncharted Points with real money in the PlayStation Store.

If you've bought either the Triple Pack or the Digital Deluxe Edition you'll also gain access to these items:

  • The first-ever single-player story add-on for the Uncharted series
  • Two multiplayer packs to enhance your multiplayer experience:
Naughty Dog is committed to support the game for at least a year until after the game is launched by releasing a variety of content packs that include new modes, maps, mysticals and boosters, a ton of new skins for you to use in the game, a Cinema Replay feature and a co-op mode where you can team up with a buddy. Uncharted 4 roadmap

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's multiplayer will feature a variety of modes, all of which become available after you've played a few games in the Warm Up Playlist, a playlist meant to teach new players how to play the multiplayer. This playlist is only available a certain amount of matches, so it won't be possible to go back in after you've gotten some experience.

The classic team deathmatch mode will also be available to players, with a ranked variety opening up to provide an additional layer of competitive gaming. Win matches and your rank will go up, lose matches and you will derank. When you acquire a specific amount of points you'll be able to play in the Qualifiers. In these matches you'll have to win a specific amount of matches in order to be promoted to a new rank.

For example, if you are Rank Bronze I and earn enough points to enter Qualifiers, you must win three of your next five matches to reach Rank Silver III. Failing to win at least three of your next five matches will result in a failure in Qualifiers, and will force you to earn points to try again.
Here's a quick rundown of other, non-ranked, modes you'll be able to play once the game comes out:

Command: in this mode, you and your team need to cap several points on a map. These Command Sites, once capped, bring in a steady number of points that are added to your total. If you manage to score the most points on your team, you'll be promoted to Team Captain. Newly-minted captains start at level 1, and can level up to a maximum of level 3 by helping your team, not dying and capping points. Team Captains will also have the ability to buy in-match items from the store at a discount and revive fallen team members.

Becoming a Team Captain is more than a recognition of your achievements, it also makes you a bigger target for the other team since taking down a captain scores the opposing team a hefty amount of points.

Level 1: Enemies see a Captain icon by the Captain’s name Level 2: Enemies can always see the Captain on radar Level 3: Captains are automatically Marked until they lose Captain status
Plunder: the objective here is to grab an idol and bring it back to your treasure chest, while the opposing team tries to stop you.

Trials: This pseudo-competitive game mode pits you against NPC enemies as you try to get a high score while using specific gameplay mechanics. There are 10 trials in total, each with their own level of difficulty. Completing these trials will net you relics, which you can then use to buy chests with.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is coming out on May 10 for the PlayStation 4.

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