Uncharted 4 Releases First Free Multiplayer DLC, Changes Season Pass

Published: June 30, 2016 11:00 AM /


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Naughty Dog had a big announcement for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer fans. The first major multiplayer update has launched, and with it comes new guns, maps, abilities, and a leveling system. Naughty Dog has also announced that it has canceled all plans for paid multiplayer DLC and will instead make all future multiplayer DLC free.

The update is labeled Lost Treasures and one of the biggest additions to the multiplayer comes in the form of a new map. The sunken ruins map, which is based on a section from the single player, is a smaller map that seeks to keep the game fast-paced. It features hidden water routes to swim in an ambush enemies, along with the swing points you've likely gotten used to already.

It's not just a map, though, as five new guns have been added to the game. This includes a new assault rifle, a new sub-machine gun, a pair of pistols, and a heavy sniper rifle. New boosters give you the ability to swap between weapons faster, reduce your damage wobble, get a better radar, or recharge teammate abilities. There's also a new mystical ability, called the Path of Indra, which allows you to teleport to any ally. There's also new skins, hats, face wear, a new costume for each character, new taunts, and new gun skins. All of these can be purchased in-game using relics on special DLC Gameplay Chests that will assure that you will never get a duplicate item and will specifically give out the new items.


There have also been some overhauls in mechanics already in the game. A leveling system has been added, allowing you to earn XP and gain up to 70 levels. Each time you level up you'll either earn relics or vanity items, while earning special exclusive items every five levels that can only be earned by leveling. The ranked team deathmatch mode has been completely revamped, with 60 day seasons offering up rewards to the best players. There have also been many minor improvements, things like making it so Brutes can no longer detect players behind them unless they shoot the Brute first, and fixing the leaderboards. The patch notes with all the specifics can be read here.

Finally, Naughty Dog has announced it is dropping the Triple Pack, which would have included two packs of multiplayer DLC and the single player DLC. If you've already bought the Triple Pack then you will get instant access to the P90, the Gifting Booster, a pirate skin for Drake, a pirate hat, and the rubber leg taunt. Naughty Dog has noted people who bought the Triple Pack, or got the deluxe edition of Uncharted 4, will continue to get sets of free items from time to time. The Triple Pack is instead being replaced with the Explorer Pack, which will include the single player DLC once it launches and 3,200 Uncharted Points ($20 worth) for you to use to purchase in-game items.

While it has not been released yet, the Triple Pack cost $25, so it seems reasonable that the Explorer Pack will cost the same.

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