Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Enters Steam Early Access

Published: April 14, 2017 9:20 AM /



Brilliant Game Studios' Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, the sandbox battle simulator where you set the rules, entered early access on Steam on the 12th of April and is available right now for players wanting to see just how an army of chickens would fair against 10,000 Roman centurions.

 The sandbox game aims to provide battlegrounds without limits and allows players to set unit types, numbers, and scenarios to the limit of their imaginations (and processors). Basically, if you're dying to know whether an overwhelming number of knights can overcome a crack team of World War II soldiers with assault rifles, this is the game for you. For a more hands-on approach, players can take direct control of individual troops with the click of a button and issue orders to those around them.

The one man development team at Brilliant Game Studios sets out variety as one of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator's primary aims. To that end, players will be able to select from troops as diverse as zombies, orcs, penguins, chickens, mounted cavalry, armored knights, catapults, centurions, archers, and Santa Claus. With no limit on troop numbers other than a warning from the developer that frame rates tend to drop if you go over 10,000, the maps have a large open world feel to provide the space needed for large scale battles. They feature varied terrain across large areas of forests, rivers, open plains, narrow bridges, castles, and desert dunes.

According to the developer's notes on the game's Steam store page, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator will be in early access for at least the next month as he attempts to gather player feedback while adding more content into the game. The early access game is fully functional, though bugs will remain, but more content including new maps and features will be added before the final version is released. The developer is not specific at this time but advises the price may increase for the final retail version dependent on the amount of content added. In a recent interview with YouTuber Jackie Fish, the developer spoke about the possibility of adding more tactical options into the game to allow players greater control over units as one of the potential additions.

What's your Ultimate Epic Battle? Knights v Chickens? Penguins v Zombies? Let us know down in the comments!

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