Ubisoft Forward Live Show Date and Time Confirmed, While Sega Skips E3

Published: March 28, 2023 2:54 PM /


Promo banner of the Ubisoft Forward Live Show on a violet background

Yesterday, we reported that Ubisoft would not be attending E3 this year. The major electronic entertainment event plays host to multiple companies announcing the latest games and hardware, drawing in thousands of gaming fans and members of the press. While the event was canceled for several years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year marks its return. As for Ubisoft, they have officially announced a start time and date for their Ubisoft Forward Live Show, allowing the company to announce its upcoming projects on its own terms.

The Ubisoft Forward Live Show Date and Time

The official date and time for the Ubisoft Forward Live Show were announced on the official Ubisoft Twitter account. Aside from an official logo for the event, the tweet was short and to the point. It confirms that the live show will feature new updates and announcements regarding upcoming projects by the publisher, likely including its long-running Assassins Creed franchise and the long-gestating pirate game Skull and Bones. It states that the show would go live from Los Angeles, California on June 12 starting at 10 AM PST. This date is notable since it is the day before the full physical show at E3. In addition to this information, the tweet provides a link to Ubisoft's website, which will provide additional information about the show as the date draws nearer.

Sega's Absence at E3 2023

Ubisoft is not the only major company not attending E3 this year. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, the "Big Three" of the console industry, have announced that they would not be at the event. We already know that Microsoft will hold a live event of its own. Furthermore, Sega representatives told IGN that the publisher will not attend either. In light of this information, there are rumors about the future of E3 and the state of the show itself. At the time of writing, both the ESA and the organizer of the event, Reedpop, have not yet commented on these high-profile departures.



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