Ubisoft E3 2019 - Ghost Recon Breakpoint Unleashes the Wolves

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The upcoming open-world shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint appeared during Ubisoft's E3 showcase, packing two new trailers. The first was main villain Cole D. Walker, played by Jon Bernthal, giving a speech to his assembled Wolves. Walker was added into a mission late in Wildlands' lifecycle, as part of continued updates for Ubisoft's open-world shooter. At some point following Wildlands, Walker went rogue, bringing with him some of the finest soldiers the Ghost Recon division had to offer.


Afterward, Jon Bernthal appeared on-stage himself, with a dog in tow. Playing his character up a bit, Bernthal then gave way to a second trailer, this time from the perspective of the Ghosts themselves. Outgunned, outnumbered, and deep within hostile territory without backup, the Ghosts are still tenacious, and adeptly use the terrain and teamwork to their full advantage. Though they may not have the technological arsenal that the Wolves have, the Ghosts rely on one another, something that is evident in the gameplay changes coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Lastly, Ubisoft announced a new community initiative called Delta Company, and closed the show teasing a partnership with Terminator: Dark Fate. The Delta Company initiative is a way for developers, content creators, and community members to all get involved for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Delta Company will also help players set up community-run tournaments, cosplayers, and more connect with fellow fans across the world. Much like Wildlands, Ubisoft is expecting to develop and grow Ghost Recon Breakpoint over a period of several years, and having ways for different subsets of the community to get involved is one way to extend the longevity. We'll get our chance to see Ghost Recon Breakpoint in action when it releases on October 4th, 2019.


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