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The conference opens up with a very energetic performance for Just Dance, featuring very flamboyant dancers and people dressed up as lions and giraffes. Followed was a quick mention to Orlando, showing their support and that they share their pain. The dance itself was for Just Dance Unlimited, which was also announced for the upcoming Nintendo NX in 2017.

Just Dance Orlando  call out

The first trailer for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wild Lands, featuring a drug dealer talking about the repercussions of trying to take him down, followed by the ghost recon team taking him down. A gameplay trailer shows a player taking down enemies and stealing information from a laptop, before getting in a helicopter and flying to an enemy encampment. When they reach the camp, they take out multiple enemies and use a drone to pinpoint enemies. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wild Lands comes out March 7th, 2017

Ghost Recon Fire from the Helicopter

Following Ghost Recon was a very intense trailer that could have been anything from The Division to anything from Watch Dogs, and it turns out to be South Park: The Fractured But Whole! Parker and Stone came on stage to talk about the new game. They introduced 3 classes, Speedster, Blaster, and Brutalist, and they talked about how you will be able to mix and match powers but this is only a few out of a possible dozen classes. The Fractured But Whole will still be turn based gameplay, but now resembles more of a strategy RPG. The Fractured But Whole is available for Pre-order and releases on December 6th, and if you pre-order you get a free copy of South Park and the Stick of Truth for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC right away, for free.

South Park abilities

Onto The Division, a new expansion called Survival takes place in the underground, a new area with randomly generated and infinite content. Survival will release on Xbox One and PC, on June 28th, and on PlayStation 4 August 2nd. Additionally, if you're a member of the Ubisoft club, you'll get 3 free outfits for Ubisoft's 30th anniversary, based on Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow 6. Lastly, there's a new survival mode coming out, which is basically like a more intense version of the Dark Zone. 

Next up, Eagle Flight, an Oculus VR PVP game where you are a hawk, flying and capturing a prey. You and your team have to get it back to the nest while the other team tries to stop them and grab the prey for themselves. The mode demoed is essentially Capture the Flag with birds and rabbits. In addition to using your eyes through the VR, you have heat senses to try and detect other things around you. Eagle Flight will be released on all VR platforms this fall.

Eagle Flight Header

Continuing on the VR bandwagon is Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and in the demo they showed, they had Levar Burton as well as a few others playing together. Every player takes on a specific role on the bridge and work together to experience the universe of Star Trek. Levar Burton came on to talk with Aisha tyler about the comparisons to the game and being on the show, and how the game is actually more realistic because you don't have to imagine it. Star Trek: Bridge Crew comes out this fall on all major VR systems.

Star trek bridge crew

In a shocking turn of events, For Honor has a plot! Or at least a justification as to why Vikings, Samurai, and Knights are fighting each other. A figure who goes by Appolyon, and leads the Black Stone Legions for peace among the factions, by force or otherwise. The Samurai, Knight's and Vikings appear all have their own campaign, attacking each other encampments for survival against Appolyon. The demo shows a Viking raiding a samurai village, and the UI looks solid. There are many different mechanics such as scaling a wall or throwing an enemy into a wall of spikes. For Honor comes out February 14th, 2017.

For Honor Apolion

From the makers of Grow Home, we now have Grow Up. Grow Up is much bigger than Grow Home, and doesn't appear to have the same linear storyline of the first game, and will have a much bigger world to explore, as well as being able to reach the moon. Grow Up comes out this August.

Next was...quite possibly the most jarring announcement. Shown through an 80s toy commercial, Trials of the Blood Dragon, a crossover between Trials Fusion and Far Cry: Blood Dragon. You'll have to read the whole article to get a handle on this game. Trials of the Blood Dragon is out today.

Not as out of place but still interesting to see, they brought on Justin Kurzel to talk about the Assassin's Creed Movie. Talking about the transition between a game to a movie. The Assassin's Creed movie isn't a retelling of any of the games, and takes some liberties concerning the canon, but more or less retells the concepts of going back through your ancestors to relive their experiences. They did show off a brand new trailer for the upcoming film.


Suddenly, the E3 conference was "hacked" by the Watch Dogs 2 developers. Many of the features shown remain from the previous game, hacking people as you walk by, but now you can encounter other hackers who may or may not interfere with you. The tone of the game is already different, it takes place in the Bay Area, its sunny at times, and the characters look like they're having fun with what they're doing, which is a desired change of pace. You can now throw out a drone to spy on people, and use it to reach security cameras like you could in the last game.

Watch Dogs 2 Header

Ubisoft ended their conference with a new IP announcement. Steep opened up with adrenaline addicts doing some extreme sports, like snowboarding, skiing, hang gliding, and flying with a Wingsuit. Steep is an open world extreme sports game, where you climb to the top of the mountain and then get down however you want and you can choose to do it in first or third person. The main objectives are primarily time trials, but the experience alone is enough to get your blood rushing.

With that, the Ubisoft E3 2016 Conference came to a close, it was...quite the experience. If you're interested in any of the games, be sure to read the full articles that are linked to each recap, and leave a comment if you feel like! What did you think of the conference? What game are you looking forward to most?

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