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The Division

The game director for The Division, Ryan Barnard, takes to the stage to introduce us to the dark zone. In the center of Manhattan you get to decide whether you team up with agents or go against them because you never are able to know what is about to happen. As soon as you enter the dark zone it seems that your computer HUD systems take a hit. You have to move through the world with more stealth as it's not just NPC's that you will be encountering as you all search for "Sweet loot".

The Dark Zone is the one place in the world of The Division that will be set up as PvP. It's where the virus tried to be contained and housed some of the best in medical experts as well as expensive machinery but now they they have failed all of that expensive gear is up for grabs. In the Dark Zone it's up to you, once you get this loot, to look for a way out through a helicopter evacuation that you can signal via a flare, the problem is everyone else can see that flare too. In the 90 seconds it will take for the helicopter to show up you're going to have to make sure that you don't get taken out by any of the rogue agents that are other players that don't mine racking up a kill on another agent.


We get to see how depending on what you come up against it might not be that you can always forge your way ahead but instead you need to avoid obstacles and other stronger enemies, unless you want to lose everything. Staying equipped with all the right gear for what you need is integral when traveling in the dead zone, here we see just a couple of the different items that you can use ranging from a Pulse to tag opponents or First Aid to stay in fighting shape all the way to small turrets. All of these items are also on cool down timers so you have to pick the right time to use them otherwise you may catch yourself without them. A beta will happen early next year for The Division and will have a release date of March 8th 2016.


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