Ubisoft Developing Chinese Exclusive Rabbids Game

Published: December 5, 2019 1:30 PM /



Recently, it was announced that the Nintendo Switch will finally launch in China on December 10th, 2019. Several developers are already bringing games over, and Ubisoft has announced four games of their own hitting the market. One of these games, interestingly, is an all-new Rabbids game that appears to be exclusive to the region.

Titled Rabbids: Adventure Party, the game appeared in a trailer that Ubisoft put out showing their launch lineup. While there isn't too much information about it, it appears to be a minigame collection starring the Rabbids. Part of it looks like a very loose adaption of the popular Chinese story Journey to the West, thanks to one of the Rabbids carrying around a staff not too much unlike Sun Wukong's. The minigames include a particularly weird bunch. One shows the Rabbids punching a tree to make the fruit fall, another has them driving in bumper cars to knock each other into lava. One really weird scene shows the Rabbids inside of a mouth, attempting to keep the top jaw from crushing them. They call this vore, and some people are into it. It's weird. You can watch the trailer here:


As for the rest of their lineup, Chinese players can get their hands on Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Just Dance 2020, and Rayman Legends. It's a solid offering of games, giving players several different popular genres to try out. Of course, they're also all available in the USA already, so none of them quite carry the mystique that Rabbids: Adventure Party manages to.

There's no current word on if Rabbids: Adventure Party will be making its way to the United States or elsewhere.

How do you feel about this one? Want to try out Rabbids: Adventure Party? Think you're missing out on something great? Any chance for a Chinese import? Let us know in the comments below!


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