Two Cops, One Body - Twin-Stick Shooter TwinCop Launches May 10th


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Two Cops, One Body - Twin-Stick Shooter TwinCop Launches May 10th

April 30, 2019

By: Joseph Allen


Twin-stick shooter TwinCop is launching for PC on May 10th. This unique twist on the genre sees two players controlling the same character.

TwinCop follows two cops as they strive to survive the deadly streets of Twin City. A pontoon boat accident means these two police officers must be fused together to create a single super-cop. Fight crime, defuse bombs, and fight over friendship bracelets with your friend or partner. Most importantly, TwinCop asks you to solve the mystery of the PopTop Corporation, creators of the delicious, healthy, and not-at-all-sinister PopTop Drink. Check out the launch trailer for TwinCop below:

The trailer shows off what developer Finite Reflection Studios calls "radical co-op gameplay". Each player controls half of the titular TwinCop. Both players control movement; if players move in opposing directions, they will go nowhere. Moving in unison allows players to heal and charge their special Twinsanity ability. Players can choose from 8 different cops, resulting in over 25 different TwinCop combinations. Each cop has their own special ability, and some will complement one another better than others. Gameplay consists of twin-stick shooting plus driving, bomb defusal, and other disparate minigame-style extras.


TwinCop doesn't have any form of online play. Finite Reflection says it's "best with 2 local players and 2 controllers", but it's possible for players to use the same controller to play. The studio is recommending online streaming platform Parsec for those who want to play online. We reckon this one's probably better enjoyed with someone in the same room, though. That way you'll know who to blame when things inevitably go wrong.

Finite Reflection's game will be released for PC via Steam, Kartridge, and on May 10th. No word yet on a console release, but it seems a pretty good idea given the game's focus on local multiplayer.

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