Twitch removes PS4 Playroom channel because getting naked isn't gaming

Published: November 28, 2013 9:00 AM /



In a report from GameInformer, a representative from Twitch.TV said that they have removed the Playroom channel from their directory.

They are doing this because "“a majority of it was non-gaming related... We will look into adding it back as PS4 owners become more familiar with the games-only focus of Twitch content." Since the US launch of the PS4 the Twitch site has been a very popular games broadcasting tool. It has also been a popular hanging out tool...and when I say hanging out, I mean boobs. There were several reports of users doing lewd acts on camera via the Playroom app. One that caught massive attention was a user who flashed a drunk ladies goodies and then stripped her naked for the camera.

We all knew it would happen, but who knew it would happen so fast. Xbox One, your turn to one up it...