Twitch No Longer Selling Games As Of November 27

Published: November 16, 2018 11:06 AM /



In April 2017, Twitch added a function that allowed viewers to support streamers by purchasing games and in-game items straight from Twitch. This system will no longer be available after November 27.

Users could purchase things from directly from a streamer's page, using the "Buy Now" button. The initiative began as a way to provide additional ways to support streamers directly, but Twitch is ending it because "it didn’t provide most streamers with significant additional revenue."

"We are discontinuing this feature to invest in other ways to help you obtain games and in-game items directly on Twitch while supporting streamers – including through extensions on Twitch like Amazon Blacksmith, which allows viewers to supports streamers through purchases of games and other items."

You won't lose access to any content purchased through this system. Anything you bought, including Twitch crates purchased, claimed, or rewarded, will continue to be available.

Any games purchased will still be available to play through the Twitch Desktop app or UPlay. You'll still be able to redeem in-game content you purchased by linking your Twitch account to the game. Games gotten via Twitch are generally DRM-Free (UPlay one of the exceptions there), so if you want to back up in case of anything else happening it should be possible to do so.

All unopened Twitch Crates will be automatically opened on November 28, a day after the system shuts down.

This update will not affect the games and in-game loot acquired through Twitch Prime membership.

Quick Take

Although Twitch has said that games acquired through Twitch Prime will still be available, they don't specify whether that will apply to future Prime content. Either way, this news is a bit of a shame for smaller streamer who need all the support they can get. Hopefully, whatever Twitch are planning to replace the system with will be more beneficial and profitable for streamers. It'll be interesting to see what they've got in store.

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